Architecture for metaverse

Imagine without fear, without limits and WITHOUT GRAVITY!

Weightlessness, is the main “material” with which to design in the Metaverse. Parametric design enhances the feeling of a futuristic, fantasy world environment. The imagination and desires of our clients can be embodied in this “immaterial-materiality”.


Programming for Metaverse

Imagining it is good, but much better to make it come true and ENJOY IT!

Decentraland has a high potential for game development and back-end web development. Most of the developers do not use the full coding potential of Decentraland. The language that Decentraland supports is very close to web development language (javascript). This enables us to use APIs, and send and get information to or from servers. The API information can be used for design purposes (online crypto-currency prices shown in the building, or online billboard information), or it can be used for an online streaming, or it can be used for improving the multi-player experience of the scene.

Space rental in the Metaverse

Finally have your virtual office, gallery or space in the Metaverse without making a big investment.


Buy land in the Metaverse

Only for those of you who think BIG! We buy a space for you and build your virtual headquarters.